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colette – 34 weeks – Maternity Portraits

One of the highest honors you can have as a photographer, is to have another photographer choose you as their photographer.  And I am doubly honored as this is the second time I have had the pleasure of providing maternity portraits for Colette and her wonderful family, that is about to grow by two feet!  Gerrit and Colette, like so many parents recently, have opted to not find out if this little bundle is a little brother or a little sister to the adorable Pearl.  (Seriously…this girl is off-the-charts adorable!)

This was a mini maternity session…quick and simple and YES!  The whole family can be involved in the session.  Older siblings, whether they are two or twelve can add so much to a maternity session…please do not hesitate to include them.  A mini session lasts about 20 minutes and produces around 10-12 images.  A perfect way to capture your pregnancy!

“Kimberly has done my maternity photos twice along with our newborn photos and I have to say, she’s seriously one of the best in Portland, if not the whole country. Her attention to detail and eye for lighting and composition is amazing. Not to mention the quality of images and product she delivers is so sharp and beautiful. But even beyond that, she loves the squishy babies and knows how to mold them into the cutest poses! It’s truly a gift to have such a pairing of technical and creative in one photographer. Hire her. Seriously.”

Maternity Photography GreshamMaternity PortraitsGresham Maternity PhotographerWhat is cuter than a momma belly with big sister buns!?

Pregnancy Images Portland

Oh my goodness, these two and their beautiful eyes.  I love the intensity and sweetness of this last portrait!

Maternity Portraits Gresham

Kimberly Whipps of Barefoot Photography specializes in maternity and newborn portraits.  Book your newborn portrait session with Barefoot Photography and receive a complimentary mini maternity session.  Please check out the maternity and newborn portraits site here.  Contact Kimberly and book your portrait session today!

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cora – 3 months – baby portraits

What a doll!  Cora was such a sweet baby to photograph, she was all smiles the moment they walked through the door.  And big sister Gianna was fun and so helpful.  We had a blast in the studio capturing her baby portraits.

From Cora and Gianna’s mom, Micaela – “My mother wanted to gift our family a photoshoot for our new baby girl and her big sister. She found Kimberly and Barefoot Photography from across the country and loved her.  So, we booked a setting and picked some outfits. Our photoshoot could not have gone any better. Kimberly was wonderful with the kids making the girls feel so at ease. The result was a natural, yet amazingly beautiful product. I could not have been more impressed with the quality and artistry in Barefoot Photography’s portraits. Thank you Kimberly! ”

This age is such a perfect time for baby portraits.  If you are thinking about having your little one photographed, send me an email.  You can find more of my baby photography here.  In fact, I offer a complimentary mini sitter session to my clients who book their newborn portraits with me.  A fabulous way to capture each stage as these little ones grow.  But don’t worry…if you didn’t book your newborn appointment with me, we can still do a mini session for your little sitter.  Contact me for the details.  And do it now before the crawling starts!

Portland Baby PortraitsBaby Photographer PortlandFamily Portraits PortlandSiblings PortraitsBaby Photography PortlandSitter PortraitsBaby Portraits PortlandKimberly Whipps of Barefoot Photography specializes in artistic, studio portraits.  Maternity, newborn, baby, children and family portraits…whatever your family needs.  Barefoot Photography’s studio is located in SE Portland in the Hawthorne area.  You can view all the products offered in the studio, from beautiful albums to stunning canvases, your memories preserved forever.  Contact Kimberly today if you are interested in book a session or a pre-consultation.  All sessions are by appointment only.

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kylie– 9 days – Infant Portraits

Here’s another beautiful mother to be who opted to take advantage of a complimentary mini maternity session with her little ones infant portraits.  And why not!?  It’s complimentary!  A lot of clients worry that they just won’t like any of the maternity portraits (it’s never happened by the way….) and I always just remind them, you only buy the photographs you like, so no worries!

Now…let’s move on to sweet Kylie.  What a precious little bundle of baby!  She is the younger sister to two fabulous big brothers, Tyler and Nathan.  And I am honored to have had the opportunity to photograph all three of these little ones as newborns.  Yes, I am just that lucky.  Thank you John and Carrie for trusting me with these fleeting moments.

Many clients don’t know that your maternity session (mini and full) and your newborn session can include older siblings.  Of course we want to capture the entire family in photos like these!  For a newborn appointment, I recommend bringing the whole family in two cars, or having someone like grandma come along.  This way, we can photograph the whole family, then sibling shots and then we can have older siblings head home with grandma (or dad) so we can focus on just baby without any stress or extra noise.   A perfect way to capture all the images you want!

Another question I hear all the time….do I need to bring my own props and blankets?  Well…you can, but you don’t need to.  The studio is choked full of hats, wraps and props for baby.  And lots of dresses and wraps for mama too!  More information on the details page here.

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caroline – 11 days – Newborn Photography

I have been creating maternity and newborn portraits for over 10 years now…and I never get tired of it!  So many beautiful bumps and adorable bundles.  When I first started, I didn’t offer the complimentary mini maternity with a booked newborn appointment that I do now.  But I wish I would have!  So many moms contact me for newborn photography…but they are reluctant to schedule a maternity session for themselves.  Their reasons vary…but most often, they don’t want to do a maternity session because they feel big and uncomfortable…and sadly, many moms don’t feel beautiful!  Believe me, I know how they feel.  I gained 60 pounds with my first baby…I did NOT feel great.  But I’m so glad I have photos to remember those moments by.  (If only I had had a skilled photographer who had 10 years of experience to pose me in the most flattering ways and use lighting to highlight the beauty and maybe hide some things if necessary.)  If you are pregnant and considering newborn portraits with Barefoot Photography….please oh please, let me talk you into taking advantage of the complimentary mini maternity session.  If you hate every photo we get…no worries, don’t buy one.  But you cannot go back if you regret not taking them.  And…I’ve never had a client hate all of her pregnancy portraits.  Most often I just hear, “I’m so glad you talked me into this!”

I did not have to talk Laura into maternity portraits.  She was excited to capture the moment with adorable Amelia who was preparing to be a big sister.  And brand new baby Caroline was a perfect little model for her newborn photography session.  What a dream!

Portland Maternity Photography


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tween portraits

I photograph newborns regularly.

Six month olds?  All the time.

One year olds…you bet.

4 year olds….sometimes.

8 year olds…not as much.

12 year olds….rarely.

Why is it that we have their portraits done on a regular basis and then…just as they are starting to discover who they are…we stop?  I’m guilty of this too…so you are not alone.  But I want to encourage you to schedule a mini session for your tween.  Any kiddos from 8-12 years old can be scheduled for a mini tween session now!  Is she into dance?  Fabulous…bring the tutu.  Does he love to read, bring his favorite books.  Are they learning an instrument?  I’d love to hear it!  Unless it’s a piano…bring it with you.  Sports, art, a pet…whatever their “thing” is, let’s find a way to make it a memory!

Schedule your tween portraits mini session now for a $39 session fee.  Mini portrait collections are available to get just what you need to capture this moment.  Contact me at kw@photosbykimberly.com to set up a session.

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